Water. How Hard Would You Work For It?

If you lived in a poor village and did not have access to clean water, what would you do?

Our organization, His Hands International, is able to do many humanitarian projects in the name of Jesus, with no strings attached. As Christians, we are commanded to love and that is where we start. We show love and compassion by helping people in need, in this case, villagers who needed access to clean water. And as we have found, love and compassion is a powerful thing, so powerful, it can motivate a village.

In this particular case, the lower half of this village had to walk a long way to get fresh water from our well or end up with polluted and nasty water in the local river.

This project started when recently our founder, David Varner, spoke at some churches in Rhode Island and New York and we were blessed to receive a little money.

With this money we were able to do some repairs and make upgrades to the well in the community. First, a second storage tank was installed for a total of 1320 Gallons of water storage. Secondly, two more batteries were added to the system to allow it to be effective for longer periods without sun during the rainy season. In addition, two more sinks were installed and a water line was run to the lower half of the village.

As we were doing this we shared with the village that we were going to be adding an additional sink and shower area in the lower half of the village and that we needed a ditch dug for the pipe.

As it happened, during the very short time we left to get supplies, at least 20 to 30 men, women, and children, dug a 500 foot trench right where it was needed.

As fast as we were laying and gluing the pipes, the villagers were right behind us, closing the trench back up. There was even a little 5 year old girl with a plastic toy shovel doing her part.

Let’s face it, we are so blessed here in the United States that we can take for granted our access to clean water in our comfortable homes. That is not the case for countless men, women and children in third world countries. God has called us to help whenever we can and with whatever resources available to us.

Would you consider supporting our work? Great or small, everything helps us to make a difference. Thank you!

His Hands International has been working for over 10 years to improve the lives of people in Guatemala. We are CHE (Community Health Education/Evangelism) certified. We identify needs in the communities and then come up with a plan to help them help themselves. We are partners with Radio/TV Redencion in Gualan, Zacapa, Guatemala. We work with them through their local social center, helping to feed over 60 children twice weekly, provide twice weekly free medical clinics, clothing, and shoes through our Christmas Shoes Project.

If you are looking for a mission trip or a mission vacation give us a call and we can put something together for you. If your church is looking to get involved in a fresh ministry, please contact us and learn how we can help your group plan your next trip. Learn more about upcoming projects here.

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