3 billion unreached people…how you can help

Refugees flee the violence of their homelands by the millions. Globally, Christians face an unprecedented level of persecution. Meanwhile, girls as young as twelve years old are enslaved by sex traffickers. And all of this as 3 billion people remain untouched by the Gospel message.

We must be involved in addressing the physical, economic, and social issues facing our world today. But lasting change only happens when the Gospel breaks into individual lives and transforms communities. We can’t just bandage wounds, talk about freedom, pray with someone, and move on. We must expand the presence of the local church.

This endeavor isn’t easy. It’s not safe. It’s risky, disruptive, dangerous, and ambitious. This is an all-hands-on-deck calling that leaves nothing as it was before. This is life to the fullest. And it can’t happen without you. Be one of the 3,000 believers leaving the comforts of home for a short-term expedition that meets physical needs, advances the Gospel, and launches new churches in spiritually impoverished communities. Learn how you can help.

The world is crying for its Savior and he’s bidding us to join his campaign to make all things new. This is the time to press in. Dig deeper. Accelerate the pace of change.

This is your chance to be the solution to some of our world’s biggest issues. This upcoming year we’ll be traveling to India, Peru, Thailand, Nicaragua, Middle East, Tanzania, Cuba, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Argentina, Uganda, Colombia and more.  Join us on a upcoming trip or learn how you can support our effort.


e3 Partners mission is to bring the Gospel into cultures by developing leaders who make disciples. Our short-term mission trips allow believers to set aside a week of their lives and introduce Christ to new people and communities. From church-planting and orality initiatives to community transformation and medical work, there are numerous opportunities for anyone to make an impact. With each mission, participants get the chance to intentionally nurture their new relationships well after the trip.

After 30 years, e3 Partners serves in over 50 countries, supported by a passionate team of 450 staff. Thousands of Christians are joining us on hundreds of expeditions every year to spread the Gospel and transform communities. Our mission is simple and our name says it all. We equip God’s people to evangelize his world and establish his Church. Learn more about e3 Partners and how you can serve or support their worldwide ministry here.

On MissionFinder, you can view over 1,000 ministries offering opportunities like this to serve and support at home and around the world.

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