A life changed

Both of them were very shy. You could see signs of physical abuse and knew that the emotional trauma was lying barely beneath the surface.

But what would you expect for two sisters, Lucia and Fabiola, who just before arriving at Dorie’s Promise, had lost their mother to cancer. A kindly neighbor tried to take care of them but she did not have the resources to do so. These young girls were then often forced to miss school in order to sell candies and trinkets, for extra money.

Upon the doctor’s initial examination, the findings were sadly so common for youngsters living in conditions such as Lucia and Fabiola; severe malnourishment, teeth filled with cavities, a viral chronic respiratory, and of course, the emotional scars.


We are blessed to report that, yet again, we see God’s hand in this story as we have seen in the lives of countless others. Definitely the consequences of chronic malnutrition can be long term. But we are so encouraged as we have seen emotional healing for Lucia and Fabiola, as these two precious girls have become outgoing, showing more independence and confidence… and they are happy, truly happy.

Dories promise 1

From the sisters, “Before coming to Dorie’s, my life was very hard. Sometimes we didn’t have enough food and we ate only one or two meals a day. Here I have delicious food, a doctor concerned for my health, people concerned for my education and many others who give me the most important thing of all… Love! I appreciate that! I want to especially say thank you to my sponsors for the way they’ve helped change my life. I’m grateful for what are you doing for us, and you are in my prayers.”

Dories promise 2

Yes, God is in the midst as shown through the hard work and loving care from everyone in our home; from Heather, our Founder, our staff, the Special Mothers, all those who come as a part of mission teams, the sponsors, they are all dedicated to our children. While the world into which these children were born may have brought much disappointment, hardship, even danger, at Dorie’s Promise, God has redeemed the lives of so many children.

Dories promise 3And with their redemption. we who serve are blessed beyond measure and often experience our own redemption.

Both of these girls are in need of a handful of new sponsors. Will you consider sponsoring Lucia or Fabiola through the ministry of Dorie’s Promise and helping provide them with continued care, education and love?

On MissionFinder, we have over 1,500 ministries offering opportunities like this to serve at home and around the world. To learn more about how to support a child at Dorie’s Promise Guatemala or to help support their ministry, visit their profile on MissionFinder.org here.

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