An Adventure of a Lifetime

The Voke team, ­part of the Jesus Film Project, ­ is on a global search to find one married couple to go on the adventure of a lifetime as ambassadors for the #GoVokeTour. For three months, July 7th through October 4th, 2019, they will travel to locations in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington.

The couple chosen will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive a vintage VW bus cross-country and speak to young people at churches, schools, and conferences. As Voke ambassadors, the couple will model an ‘on the road’ faith adventure, showing youth how they can #GoVoke, ­ a challenge to grow and own their faith as they live out relationships in an increasingly digital world.

“We’re looking for a married couple with youth and ministry experience who feel comfortable in and out of the spotlight”, explains the campaign creators. Strengths such as an authentic walk with Christ, an ability to deal well with others, fun personalities and good communication and time management skills are key. Social media and vlogging experience are also top of the list.

Check out the GoVokeTour video here.

Who should apply?
● Youth pastors, youth leaders or campus­-based youth workers looking to take their ministry mindset outside traditional church buildings or campus borders.
● Volunteer youth leaders who have job flexibility or are in ­between jobs.
● Seminary graduates looking to apply ministry training in innovative ways to build God’s kingdom.
● College graduates looking for non­traditional ministry experience before moving into full time employment.

All travel, training, ministry, and living expenses are covered for the couple related to the GoVoke Tour. Beyond this, there will be a basic stipend.

Start the application process, get more information, or refer a friend here: Online applications will be accepted through May 1st, 2019.

The GoVoke Tour is 90 days of amazing adventure. Explore the United States and meet thousands of young people by helping them grow and own their faith!

Voke is a mobile app and comes from the word ‘Evoke’ which means ‘to draw out’ or ’cause a response.’ Voke delivers short films along with suggested questions to help people initiate deeper conversations about life and God with people they care about.

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