Changing the Way the World Thinks Abouts Adults with Disabilities

The Brookwood Community provides meaning and purpose in the lives of adults with disabilities. Our Citizens are the heart of The Brookwood Community. Our day program started in 1983, and our first residential Citizens joined in 1985. Today, more than 200 Citizens work in one or more of our enterprises at our main campus in […]

There is a Solution

Daricson comes from a large and loving family. He is the youngest of five children, ranging in age from 22 down to three-year-old Daricson. When their little brother was born, they all were shocked by his clubfoot disability. We don’t know exactly what causes clubfoot, but we do know it’s not because of something the […]

School Children Create Connection Through Vitamins

Congolese children cradled the vitamin bottles in their arms as if they were trophies. These vitamins had come all the way from America. But what made them even more special was the fact that they were provided by children their ages. About a month earlier in Des Moines, Iowa, a group of schoolchildren from Valley […]

A Grandma’s Hope

Meet Mhambi, she lives in a village near Ladysmith, South Africa, a remote area with dirt roads and little access to governmental services.At 85 years old she cares for three great grandchildren and a granddaughter who is HIV positive. When we met Mhambi, in 2022, her joyous and tired eyes told us her story: every day was a struggle, and fighting for the next day was getting harder. Mhambi’s household qualified […]

Stewardship. It’s a word used often in Christian Circles.

STEWARDSHIP. It’s a word used often in Christian circles. At Loving One By One, we take it seriously. We don’t want to be a ministry that is always only standing with our hand out. With the purchase of the new land, we have expanded our farming greatly. The goal is to raise pigs, goats, and […]

Crisis Response: War in Ukraine

Twenty-four hours a day, the line of Ukrainian refugees at the Polish border town of Medyka stretches as far as the eye can see. Tired, hungry, and scared, people are fleeing for their lives. Ukrainians, volunteers, and Convoy of Hope staff talk in measured sentences. No one is shoving. Without warning, people turn their faces […]

No One Has Watches, But Everyone Has Time

I had never felt the feeling before, and I’ve never felt it since. I was sitting with Raj, one of the farmers who sold produce at the local marketplace. We were in his home, talking and laughing. I sensed for the first time in my life as though God himself were telling me, “This is […]

5 Ways Knowing Jesus Changes Christmas

Here are some thoughts from our friends at Jesus Film Project… Christmas has a weird distinction of being an extremely religious holiday while also being a secular holiday. It’s entirely possible to celebrate Christmas wholly isolated from the nativity story while embracing many of the same elements. But as a follower of Jesus, important things […]

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