From Haiti to Bateyes

In 2010, Haiti was devastated by an earthquake which destroyed homes and launched an already poor population into greater poverty. Years later, Haiti is deteriorating further as gang violence has led to a state of emergency in the country. Now, more than half of the 11 million people living in Haiti live off of $1 or $2USD a day. Over the last century, thousands of Haitians have moved to the Dominican Republic to work in sugarcane fields, thinking their living conditions will improve.

Today an estimated 500,000 Haitians and their descendants work in Dominican sugarcane fields, while living in surrounding settlements called bateyes. While this might be better than fearing for their lives in Haiti, life in a bateyes is far from comfortable,  it is marked by difficulty and instability.

Most of the 400+ bateyes in the Dominican Republic do not have electricity or running water in their homes. Many bateyes only have access to water for a few hours a day. Life in the bateyes has been called modern-day slavery. The men must work all day in the fields, but they only earn about $3USD a day. Most residents do not have the legal documents required to attend school past the primary level.

It is here among the Haitians and their descendants that Bold Hope focuses our work in the Dominican Republic. We partner with churches and community leaders to build programs to disciple and support the people in the bateyes. We also have sponsorship programs in several locations and take short-term mission teams to these communities. In Batey Brador, we have sponsorships for almost every family. It is because of these sponsorships that 10 year old Javier was able to receive prosthetic teeth.

Javier is a sweet and smart boy who loves running around with his friends. Unfortunately, he was born with a genetic condition that means he will never grow teeth. Through the generosity of  sponsors, our staff were able to walk alongside Javier as he attended dentist visits and had molds made to get his new teeth. Now Javier is always smiling.

Javier is just one story of a life impacted by the generosity of sponsorships. Check out our website here to see how you can support our ongoing ministry in the Dominican Republic and many other countries through sponsorship and upcoming mission trips.

Even though we can not travel to Haiti at the moment we have not given up supporting them. We have been blessed to have dedicated Haitian staff that continue to run a primary school, vocational school, medical clinic, and church on the Bold Hope property there.

Amidst the constant fear and insecurity, we have seen an incredible spread of God’s kingdom recently with several baptisms and marriages in the communities we serve. Haiti has critical needs right now: we have set up an emergency fund to raise money to improve the security on our site in Haiti and to continue the ongoing ministry we have there. Please consider helping support Haiti by donating to Bold Hope’s work in Haiti here

Even though gangs have taken over Haiti – We are not giving up HOPE  Watch this video 

At Bold Hope, our passion is for connecting communities across cultures and continents, to the glory of God. We initiate connection through service and sponsorship – collaborating to support God’s work in order to impact lives globally.

On Mission Finder, we have over 700 ministries like Bold Hope that offer opportunities for you to support the amazing work that ministries are doing throughout the world. Please visit Mission Finder to learn about mission trips, internships and job opportunities to serve at home and around the world.

Gangs have taken over Haiti – We are not giving up Hope. Watch this video update.

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