Going the Extra Mile

A young man came to Bread of Life Rescue Mission seeking shelter. Sadly, we were unable to help him with that, but we gave him a blanket and a warm jacket and invited him to come back that evening for a warm meal. He took us up on that offer. After dinner, Jim, one of our remarkable staff, talked with him. During the conversation, Jim asked the man where he was staying before he came to Oceanside.

Well, it turns out that he was living with his grandparents up in Orange county. His addiction was causing problems, so the grandparents got him enrolled at a treatment facility. After a few days, he walked away from the program, and his grandparents, and headed south ending up in Oceanside.

Jim suggested they call his grandparents and tell them his situation. The young man was sure his family was upset with him for walking away from the treatment center. After talking for a short time, he agreed to let Jim call them.

The grandparents were worried sick when he left the center and had no clue if he was alive or dead. When Jim called them, they were filled with joy and said they would drive here and pick him up.

It would have been easy to just feed this guy, give him a blanket and a jacket, and send him on his way, and say we did our part.

But what I love about Bread of Life Rescue Mission is that people like Jim are willing to go the extra mile and see if there’s a solution outside the box. This young man is one of several guests that have been reunited with family because one of the staff spent a little extra time talking and then making a simple phone call.

For over a decade, the Bread of Life Rescue Mission has been serving the needs of our neighbors who are hurting, hungry, and homeless. We primarily serve a six-city area comprised of Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Escondido, and Encinitas. Year round we provide warm evening meals, food boxes, clothing, personal care items, and referral services. Additionally, we offer our guests spiritual encouragement and facilitate new beginnings.

As a California non-profit religious organization, Bread of Life Rescue Mission provides a nurturing and safe environment that is drug and alcohol free. We are a designated City of Oceanside cold-weather overnight shelter open annually from November 1 through March 31. Our client advocates work together with our shelter guests to lay out specific plans geared towards their individual needs along with referral and tracking systems to help them accomplish their goals. Our services include mandatory drug and alcohol testing. We offer referral assistance to substance abuse programs and sober living facilities. Learn more about how you can volunteer or support Bread of Life Rescue Mission here.

Bread of Life Rescue Mission participates in AARE’s Generous Giving Program. Learn how you can support their work at no cost to you here.

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