How the Youngest Can Make a Difference

Today we went to Zirobwe (a village) for the second time!

First, I helped at the vision clinic and took notes. I kept taking notes and it was hard but Tori helped me.

I also helped get glasses to my dad so he could give them out. There were a lot of people today- twice as much as the day before.

I went to the courtyard to take a break.

I met a kid and he wanted to play catch with a tennis ball. After that, he found a broken soccer ball and we played soccer for a while. I also met a kid named Saturday and he liked to touch my hair because it’s soft. I started making funny faces and other kids started gathering around.

Saturday could whistle with his hands and sounded like a bird!

All the kids waved “Bye!” as we rode the bus out. Before bed I shared my cookies with Mark and then got ready to sleep.

I enjoyed the day!

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