Changing Lives In Haiti

On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck southwestern Haiti leaving widespread damage in the impoverished nation. More than a year later the world’s focus has moved on… BUT for Grace International, rebuilding Haiti is part of their ongoing mission.

Responding to the dire situation of the Hurricane Matthew victims, Grace International brought hundreds of emergency food and hygiene supply kits to help rescue over 300 families who suffered from the devastation of the hurricane.

Grace International is also taking steps to further support the needs of these families by assisting with shelter, home repair and/or home rebuilding, and medical assistance in the hardest hit areas. We are also helping with farming assistance for reinstating food production.  And we have provided water purification, assisted with skills training and business development, and provided meals through our Lord’s Kitchen five (5) days per week feeding program.

But it doesn’t stop there as Grace looks to improve the lives of Haitians every day

At our Grace Hospital, with the help of mission teams, our Haitian doctors and nurses provide health care, including routine as well as life saving vaccines and medical treatment for over 5,000 patients.  These patients include children and widows living in our home facilities, as well as walk-ins from the surrounding  neighborhoods.  We also offer medical care to infants and children at our pediatric hospital and clinic.

At various times during the year, six medical and dental mission teams from Florida hospitals come to provide dental and medical services at our orphanages.

Hunger constantly stalks the children of Haiti but the 164 orphans who live in our Grace homes in Carrefour, Petionville and Laplaine do not suffer for a lack of food. In addition, children who attend our schools and our Christmas celebrations and yes, even the ladies who live in our Widows’ Home, all were nourished by 155,772 meals served to them this past year.

Good education is the cornerstone of success in the lives of our children. Over 2000 students were educated attending Grace elementary and high schools at our Waney and Lamentin campuses, with many of these students receiving full scholarships. Young ladies and men graduates have gone on to attend technical and educational schools, as well as university medical programs. For many it’s thanks to you, our supporters and sponsors, who have made a difference in their lives and given them the opportunity of a great future.

In addition, under the direction and hard work of our founder and CEO, Dr. Jeune, our Haiti Empowerment Program last year helped 575 men and women receive jobs to meet the needs of their families.

Our annual Grace pastoral and leadership seminars and women’s conferences continue to be spiritually empowering to the hundreds who participate in them. And in our churches, we are constantly blessed as many people give their lives to Christ! In addition, we look forward to several crusades which will bring the name of Jesus Christ to many who otherwise may not hear the gospel.

And looking at specific celebrations, over 9000 orphaned and poorest of the poor children regularly participate in our annual Christmas Party receiving meals and toys at the celebration. We thank God and our wonderful partners for His provision and multiplication!

Looking forward, we will be focusing on several things. First, we are soon going to complete and dedicate the construction of our Girls Transitional Home. In addition, we have started to draft a construction plan for the Waney church building that was severely damaged by an earlier earthquake. God’s people have been meeting since then under a big tarp tent which is now completely deteriorated. We need 60 columns and are asking all members to contribute $100 per column. Finally, we hope to upgrade our hospital services to the communities we serve.

We are deeply grateful for all God has provided but we ask now for your prayers and support to help us bring several short term mission teams and medical teams to help reach our objectives.

For the past 43 years, Grace International has been impacting lives in Haiti and South Florida through the oversight and management of many churches, 70 schools, 3 orphanages, as well as a medical/dental clinic, a pediatric hospital, a home for elderly widows, vocational school and community sustainable villages.

Grace International provides health-care, education, spiritual guidance, children’s feeding programs, youth/senior ministries and empowered living to families and all those in need within our reach. We welcome volunteers year round. Come serve with us! For more information how you can volunteer or support our ministry please visit here.

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