Giving Back

Nelson Lungu Has been an under-the-radar part of ACTION Zambia (AZ) for many years. As a student he worked at Camp Ciyanjano during his school breaks, earning money for his and his cousin’s schooling. With Camp Ciyanjano’s encouragement, Nelson excelled in his studies and faithfully participated in his local church while becoming the first in his family to complete 12th grade. Having experienced God’s blessings, Nelson wanted to pour into others.

While in secondary school Nelson had noticed how young women struggle with math, a necessary skill for any commerce. He felt God calling him to be a part of a generation of teachers who helped underserved students become competent at math. To accomplish this, Nelson dreamed of college. Even while working at Camp Ciyanjano fulltime and paying family bills, he was able to save a bit toward his college education each month. The process was slow, at least by man’s perception, but God was using this time in a number of ways.

While waiting on God, Nelson participated in a discipleship program with ACTION Zambia called D2:7, a year-long program designed to build up students’ faith and knowledge. He also served with a group of youth leaders, Ciyanjano “Champs”, conducting camps and Bible Clubs. These ministries gave Nelson more opportunities to acquire wisdom and experience.

Nelson’s tenacity, experience, and desire to serve led camp leaders to ask him to help open a container library for the surrounding community. Nelson accepted! It seems as though Nelson was always studying with kids needing tutoring and today Nelson continues to share the good news of Christ by deed and word, pouring back into these students what others have shared with him.

We are celebrating God’s faithfulness as Nelson has begun a university teaching program. ACTION Zambia was able to augment Nelson’s college savings as he works toward his teaching degree. The ACTION team is thrilled to see Nelson grow in his desire to see others perform well in school and grow in Christ. Pray for Nelson, and that others will also be called to give back.

In 1974, ACTION started working alongside small Filipino churches on the streets of Manila, ministering to street kids who had run away from home. From that small beginning, we have grown into an evangelical, interdenominational missionary-sending organization with workers in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. To learn more about Action International click here.

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