Giving Families Hope and Support When They Need it Most

Olive Marie was born in 2016. Due to complications suffered during birth, she is diagnosed with Hypoxic Ischemia Encephalopathy and Cerebral Palsy.

This, however, has not stopped her. She has a miracle fighter’s spirit and lights the lives of every person she meets.

She has benefited tremendously from the health insurance offered to U.S. military members, as her father is a member of the Armed Forces.

As she now grows, though, she is requiring equipment that will train her to walk, which is not typically authorized fully by the insurance because walking is not “medically necessary.”

Future needs will likely include the Hart Orthosis device out of the UK (a trial version is pictured).

The Mitchell Thorp Foundation has graciously agreed to assist in funding including a wheelchair accessibility van to transport her safely in her wheelchair, and similar devices.

Matias age thirteen was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and is recovering at Rady’s Children Hospital. He has a lot of therapy ahead of him to learn to walk, talk, feed himself again and much more. With our ongoing supporters to the Mitchell Thorp Foundation, we are helping this family under our Medical & Home Assistance Program.

Our foundation was inspired by our son Mitchell, who fought a 5 year courageous battle with an undiagnosed illness that took our family across the United States looking for answers.

Mitchell could no longer walk or talk; and he had difficulty seeing. The pain in his head was so severe, that no medicine helped and he went through myoclonic seizures due to the constant pain.

None of the many hospitals or doctors could heal him, or even find what caused his excruciating pain.

Mitchell’s life-threatening symptoms began at age 13 and he passed away at age 18. He was a remarkable young man, a 4.0 GPA scholar and an accomplished athlete.

Mitchell had a kind, gentle spirit and his joy and light radiated out to all who knew him. His life was defined by his family, his faith, his friends and his incredible passion for baseball. Mitchell’s strength and courage (Joshua 1:9) lives on through the Mitchell Thorp Foundation as inspiration to young athletes and children who suffer from life-threatening illnesses.

The Thorp’s truly understand what community is all about after receiving the incredible emotional and financial support, as well as the outpouring of love that took place on their behalf. It was a natural progression, inspired by Mitchell and directed by GOD that led them to form the Foundation in Mitchell’s memory to help others.

The Mitchell Thorp Foundation mission is supporting families whose children suffer from life-threatening illnesses, diseases and disorders, by providing financial, emotional and resource support to their desperate situation.

While we cannot cure a child, we can help the families endure, and soften their heartbreaking journey; thereby bringing relief, hope and a sense of normalcy in the home environment. Mitchell Thorp Foundation (MTF) changing lives, saving lives, impacting lives and communities’ one child at a time. To learn more about how you can volunteer or support their work click here.

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