Speech & Occupational Therapists

Special Hope Network is looking for a variety of therapists to join their team in Lusaka, Zambia. These positions will be fully fundraised positions. If you are interested in joining the Special Hope Network ministry team, or would like more information, please email info@specialhopenetwork.org. 1. Demonstrate knowledge of content in communication specifically to provide individualized instruction 2. Design assessment to determine most effective individual plan and create lesson plans that adhere to communication goals of student, and demonstrate ability to staff when necessary 3. Create an environment of respect, rapport, and culture of learning among staff, clients, and parents 4. Manage classroom procedure, maintain accurate records, and keep physical space organized 5. Manage and problem solve student behavior using preventative measures and positive behavior strategies 6. Demonstrate teamwork, flexibility and responsiveness toward staff, students and supervisors and in necessary situations 7. Reflect on teaching regularly and work toward growing and developing professionally 8. Demonstrate professionalism and participate in the professional community by communicating effectively with colleagues, supervisors, parents and visitors 9. Exhibit an uplifting, encouraging attitude toward fellow staff members, students and parents. Be approachable, welcoming and positive to all individuals while at work. 10. Teach our Educational Specialists skills, research-based methods of teaching, at staff training meetings and when working with students


Lusaka, Zambia, Africa




Therapy – Speech Language Pathologist, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Autism Specialist, Behavior Therapist

What We Will Do

Partner with our lead SLP to provide therapy for students from the Special Hope Network Therapy Center

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Inquiry About Speech & Occupational Therapists