Apparent Project

The Apparent Project is dedicated to helping Haitian parents rise out of extreme poverty, to provide a future for their family, and to build future leaders in Haiti. Inspiring adoration of our loving Father God with hope that one day He will be ApParent to all. We offer opportunities for the Haitians be able to […]

Restore Hope Ministries

Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, calling the lost into a life-changing relationship with Christ—and encouraging Christians to boldly live out their faith. We hold events that include worship, praying and dynamic preaching.

American Caribbean Experience

American Caribbean Experience or “ACE” is a Christ-based outreach ministry dedicated to community transformation in the parish of St.Mary, Jamaica through strategic initiatives in education, enterprise, healthcare, and discipleship. With more than 30 years experience working in Jamaica and a deep understanding and passion for the country, ACE serves as a model for successful community […]

Extollo International

Extollo teaches and train people to rebuild their own communities. By participating in the process of “raising up” buildings, we believe dignity and self-respect can be instilled and restored. (Extollo means “raise up” in Latin). We want to help communities build permanent homes, churches and schools using local labor, readily available local materials teaching everyone […]

Mission of Hope

You can help share the love of Christ by serving on a short-term trip with Mission of Hope. Every year, we host thousands of mission trip participants from around the world. You can serve on a Haiti mission trip, a Dominican Republic mission trip, or a mission trip in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf

We are a small Christian school located in Luquillo Puerto Rico with the vision of reaching Deaf children and adults and their families for Christ. As a school, we teach first in ASL and then follow up in English and Spanish so that students leaving our program can continue their education and adult lives independently.

Manna Global Ministries

Manna Global Ministries is a non-profit organization bringing hope, education and a new life to those in need in developing countries around the world in the name of Christ. Our original Manna site has undergone some changes over the years, but it still serves as the foundation out of which all of Manna’s other sites […]

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