Apparent Project

The Apparent Project is dedicated to helping Haitian parents rise out of extreme poverty, to provide a future for their family, and to build future leaders in Haiti. Inspiring adoration of our loving Father God with hope that one day He will be ApParent to all. We offer opportunities for the Haitians be able to […]

Restore Hope Ministries

Our mission is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, calling the lost into a life-changing relationship with Christ—and encouraging Christians to boldly live out their faith. We hold events that include worship, praying and dynamic preaching.

Extollo International

Extollo teaches and train people to rebuild their own communities. By participating in the process of “raising up” buildings, we believe dignity and self-respect can be instilled and restored. (Extollo means “raise up” in Latin). We want to help communities build permanent homes, churches and schools using local labor, readily available local materials teaching everyone […]

Mission of Hope

You can help share the love of Christ by serving on a short-term trip with Mission of Hope. Every year, we host thousands of mission trip participants from around the world. You can serve on a Haiti mission trip, a Dominican Republic mission trip, or a mission trip in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Bel Fle Missions Hotel

Bel Fle Missions Hotel provides economy double occupancy US standard rooms to missionaries and mission teams. Staff and security on call 24 hours a day. Our philosophy regarding international service is that team members must be at 100%… 100% of the time. Without the ability to return to a location where they can safely and […]

The Hands and Feet Project

This is a children’s village in Jacmel, Haiti started by Christian rock band Audio Adrenaline. Our mission is to care for orphans in their own culture to help them change their country. We welcome inquiries from groups of up to 12 volunteers who can help with construction and medical projects. Summer intern possibilities.

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