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Living a Life of Surrender – Episode 6

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Hosts: Andrew Arroyo & Don Nava

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In our latest episode of Mission Finder, Don Nava and Andrew Arroyo discuss the profound journey of surrendering to God’s will. This conversation offers valuable insights for anyone seeking a deeper relationship with Jesus and a life led by the Holy Spirit.

A Testimony of Transformation

Don Nava shares his inspiring 15-year journey from merely knowing about Jesus to fully surrendering to Him. His story, marked by defining moments and divine encounters, reminds us that spiritual maturity requires patience, faith, and obedience.

Phases of Knowing Jesus

A key takeaway from our conversation is the distinction between knowing about Jesus, knowing Jesus, and surrendering to Jesus. Don emphasizes that many believers accept Jesus as their Savior but stop short of making Him the Lord of their lives, which can hinder the full manifestation of God’s will.

The Role of the Holy Spirit

Don explains that the Holy Spirit is an active guide who leads us into a life of high adventure. He shares his experiences of being led by the Holy Spirit, highlighting the importance of listening, obeying, and trusting in divine guidance.

Living a Life of Absolute Surrender

Living a life of absolute surrender means giving up our own agendas and allowing the Holy Spirit to take complete control. Don shares practical steps to achieve this, including taking inventory of our lives, seeking the kingdom of God first, and trusting the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Practical Steps to Surrender

Don offers actionable advice for those ready to surrender. He suggests starting with a simple prayer and consciously following the Holy Spirit’s promptings daily. He also highlights the importance of mentorship and discipleship in building spiritual strength and character.

Our conversation with Don Nava is a powerful reminder that a life of absolute surrender to God’s will is possible and incredibly fulfilling. By allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us, we can experience a life of adventure and divine purpose. Tune in to this episode to learn more about starting your journey of surrender today.


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