Volunteer Ecuador Quito 24 Social & Conservation programs

For such a small country, Ecuador has a lot to offer a traveler, stunning landscapes. The country is divided into four distinct regions; the Amazon, the Highlands, the Coast, and the Galápagos Islands. Volunteer projects are available in Quito from Day Care Centers, Elderly Welfare, Hippo-therapy and a range of health care program, in the […]

Volunteer Mission Guatemala – Medical, Orphanage, Childcare and More!

By choosing to volunteer in Guatemala you have an extraordinary opportunity to experience the fascinating culture of one of the most diverse countries on the American continent. Though a fairly small country compared with its neighbors to the north, Guatemala boasts a geographic and ecological diversity that far surpasses many larger countries. From tropical rainforests […]

Volunteer Mission Chile La Serena: Orphanage, Senior Care Center, Teaching English

Chile’s striking natural wonders, its rich cultural history, friendly people and stable government make it an ideal place to visit and volunteer! Although Chile boasts one of the most stable economies in South America, Chile suffers from one of the most uneven distributions of wealth in the world. There are estimates that almost 60% of […]

Volunteer Abroad Honduras La Ceiba 10 Programs year round

In Honduras we offer: Premed/Prenurse, Paramedical/rescue, medical, orphanage,teaching, HIV awareness, elderly care programs, you can volunteer from 1 week up to 12 weeks in a safe and friendly location, as a non profit all your fees are tax deductible and you can fundraise through our website.

Mission Jaipur and Udaipur: Special Needs Care India

Most children with “special needs” are neglected by society, or turned over to an orphanage. Volunteers with therapy training, or skills working with special needs children are welcome. The orphanage caters to mentally and physically disabled children. The level of illness varies from child to child but all need individual attention to grow and develop […]

Mission Peru Cusco Social Welfare/Teaching/Seniors/medical/language immersion

Our programs allow you to take part in meaningful community service work, while discovering the people, sights, sounds, and tastes of Peru. Volunteering in Peru is a way to totally immerse yourself in Spanish culture. This is a great opportunity to make life-long friends, learn a foreign language and discover that one person really can […]

Family Missions Trip: Dorie’s Promise

What better way to bond with your children than to participate in a week-long mission trip as a family? Based on availability, we are able to customize a trip that you and your children will never forget.

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