Un-School teacher needed for 6 kids in Thailand

Un-School teacher needed for 6 kids in Thailand

In 2008 we founded a non-profit in the US called The Charis Project. Our ministry’s main focus is on protecting children by resourcing and strengthening birth families. We provide education for parents, women’s health, healthy relationships, family accounting, organic farming methods, literacy and language classes, and more. We provide weekly nutrition packages for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, working to encourage longer breastfeeding and attachment, and healthier stronger mothers and babies. We have teams that visit villages and do activities with the kids, and get to know the parents and bring education resources to those villages.

Most of our work is with Burmese migrant workers and minority hill tribes. Our Family Resource Center is a central place where training takes place for teams, and large classes are held. It’s a safe place for women and children to come and find support.

We have a foster care home for hill tribe kids up in the mountains for children whose families are currently in crisis.

We also have an organic research farm that helps to teach local farmers how to work with the land and heal it.

This is all part of participation in the redemption of creation through working to heal and strengthen families, relationships, and the land itself.

Thai visa regulations limit what a nanny can do on a short term visa. However, we have had people go on village visits with the Community Engagement teams in the past, and help out with kids English activities, come along on visits to the foster care home, etc.


We’re a generally informal, say what you mean, listen to what is actually being said, learn to use your words, type of family. We try to be frank about our weaknesses and quiet about our strengths, and help each other to grow stronger in discipline and character.

Our kids climb trees, ride bikes, play with bugs, cook food, and figure out how to do most things by trial and error.

We home school our children, or more accurately, “un-school”. (We are resources, not teachers, and our children do the work of learning on their own with us providing them what they need to move forward in what they want to learn.) It’s more important to us, both in raising our children, and in our ministry, to teach people how to think, rather than what they ought to think. We believe this is the best foundation for lasting faith and maturity.

We want to participate in the coming of God’s kingdom in every way we can, to live together the biggest most worth living life possible. That pursuit has, thus far, brought us to found The Charis Project and move to Thailand.

We have 6 children.
4 boys born 2001, 2010, 2013, 2016
2 girls born 2003, 2006

“More about us can be found at our personal blogs, shelaughsatthedays.com (lots of family photos) and insearchofashamelessgospel.blogspot.com

We would love for you to join us. It would be a huge blessing. Tattoos are welcome!

Primary duty:  To help the kids with learning activities and reading, babysit when both parents need to be outside of the home, and be an extra pair of eyes and hands when we go out.

Meal Prep? Some, mostly simple lunches when mom is away.

House Cleaning?  No. We hire local women to do house cleaning, though some occasional help organizing books and things would be nice as the non English speaking house help can’t do those things.

Child Care/Baby Sitting?  Yes.

Tutoring?  Yes.

Driving?  Not required, but would be a bonus. Must be able to drive standard shift.

Food Shopping? No

Laundry? No

Other? Holding the baby from time to time. Reading stories and playing games, going for bike rides, etc. Help with home schooling, keeping smaller kids busy during school time and helping with questions during independent work time if needed. Occasional hair combing, nail clipping, hand washing, etc. of the shortest people. An extra pair of eyes and hands when we go out.

Starting Date: As soon as possible!

Daily Hours: 9am – 3pm and another hour or so near dinner time with the kids while mom cooks

Days per week: 5, not always weekdays, but usually Monday to Friday

Food charge? No

Other Charges: Passport, Visa. Eating out, snacks, clothing, any day trips or overnight away adventures she may want to take, medical expenses should they arise (not usually very expensive here.), souvenirs, etc.

Room:  We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath guest house. The nanny would stay in one of these rooms. Most often she would have a bathroom, and the house, to herself.
However we do have guests that come fairly often and on some of those occasions there may be others using the bathroom as well. We house the teams in the other 2 rooms. If preferred, the nanny could use a spare room in the main house during that time. Whatever would make her more comfortable.

Doctor: Yes

Hospital: Yes.

Airport:  CNX – Chiang Mai airport This is the easiest international airport to meet at. Also BKK – Bangkok airport. There is a domestic airport in Mae Sot and flights from bangkok to Mae Sot are available.

Meet plane?  Yes, if for some reason it’s not possible we would have someone trustworthy do so for us.

Anything else?  We would love for you to join us. It would be a huge blessing. Tattoos are welcome!

Also, there are great places to go for trips that are near to us, caves, waterfalls, lakes, etc. There are also fun restaurants, coffee shops, local markets, etc. Many people like to take the bus to Chiang Mai for a bit of big city bustle from time to time.

You can use the inquiry form to contact the family with any initial questions, but you will need to complete this application to formally apply for a position.


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