Global Frontier Missions Missionary Training in the USA

Global Frontier Missions (GFM) hosts missionary training schools that help prepare people holistically with the head (knowledge), heart (character), and hands (skills) to be a fruitful, healthy cross-cultural workers. These programs are for those that want to try out missions for a season as well as those that know for sure they want to serve long-term and want some more equipping before going. Bible degrees can be earned by going through the program as well!


We host missionary training schools in Atlanta, Houston, Richmond, and Sydney, Australia and hope to add new locations in the future. Atlanta focuses heavily on refugees. Houston has great training for ESL (English as a Second language). Richmond works strongly with already established ethnic churches. Sydney focuses on church planting movements.


Classes start every January and August (check the website for exact dates), and go for five months (Atlanta) to one year (Houston, Richmond, Sydney) depending on the location.


No specific skills are necessary. We plan on giving you the skills once you get here! We serve people through service projects, teaching English as a second language (ESL), helping with afterschool programs, job placement, literature/media distribution, evangelism, discipleship, community development, etc. We’ve trained people that are now doing many different types of ministry.

What We Will Do

Missionary Training School students usually start the morning with a time of corporate prayer, worship, Bible study, small groups, or some other community activity to grow spiritually as a team. Then, we have class for a few hours covering topics like language learning/acculturation, world religions, evangelism, orality/storytelling, raising missionary support, spiritual warfare, OT/NT survey, church planting, etc. After class, students head out into our multi-ethnic community to put into practice what they have been learning. They get involved in meeting physical and spiritual needs in the community as they come alongside our long-term discipleship and church planting teams. They will be mentored by practitioners and living in a very diverse, multi-cultural neighborhood. Your neighbors will be from Iraq, Syria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo, Bhutan, Nepal, and many other nations. It is a great training ground and a way to get your feet wet and gain experience alongside veteran missionaries before you launch out to the mission field.

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