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Bold Hope is not only partnered for short-term missions, but is also partnered in deep, long-term relationships and long-lasting HOPE initiatives. This means your youth group or church group may come and make lasting connections through child sponsorships and the support of ongoing ministry efforts year-round. Before your trip, we will work together to learn about your group and prepare you to have a significant impact during your Guyana missions trip. On your trip, you will be greeted by our friendly team who will guide you through the week, attending to you as you serve the people.



A national tragedy in the late 1970’s resulted in the evacuation of nearly all evangelical missionaries in Guyana. The lack of any evangelical influence made room for substantial growth of the Muslim and Hindu populations which now account for over 35% of the population. Not only do many Guyanese not know Christ, but they are economically poor as well. The harsh poverty has caused over half of their citizens to migrate to other countries.


Spring to Fall 2024


English-speaking Guyana is the perfect place for a mission trip! We need those who are willing to help with the following: light construction projects in support of the church, outreach to children and the community, sports ministry, prayer walks, mentoring/discipleship, pastor and Sunday school teacher training, evangelism in communities that have limited knowledge of Christ

What We Will Do

We partner with a missionary/pastor that has been committed to the people of Guyana for the past ten years. Pastor John and his family were involved in church planting in western Guyana, before being called to lead two churches in the east who’d been without pastors for the past 30 years. He is passionate about training others to become pastors and church leaders. Eastern Guyana is comprised mostly of Hindu and Muslim communities, which is why relational evangelism in this tiny nation is so important. Through things like Vacation Bible School, community cleanup, evangelism, tutoring, and men’s/women’s ministry, our partners seek to truly know the people they serve in order that they might love them well.

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