Uganda July 2024

On a mission trip to Uganda, you’ll have the opportunity to serve in a number of different areas, including visiting your sponsored child, helping at medical outreaches, construction projects, safe water celebrations and outreach, as well as engaging with our ministry partners and their local church family. During our safe water outreach, you will experience the hope and joy of witnessing a village receive life-sustaining water through sponsored wells for the first time!

You will be a part of educating the importance of clean water and sanitation as well as delivering water filtration devices. Alongside our safe water outreach, you will also have the opportunity to assist with medical outreaches. You will have the chance to help with wellness checks for our children, address the medical needs of the local community, and serve patients in the local hospital. You will also have the opportunity to educate and deliver hygiene kits to children, and deliver and serve food and other necessities. If you are someone who enjoys craftsmanship, you will be able to help with construction and local service projects that will have a lasting effect on the community.


Uganda has a very young population. Over 800,000 children have been orphaned due to AIDS alone. H4KI has directly responded to the critical physical needs of children in remote villages by improving water and electrical utility infrastructures, drilling wells, education, and community development. In addition, H4KI works alongside local partners to support feeding programs, educational growth, and village renovations. In 2018, we were able to purchase our Ministry and Education Campus in Tororo, Uganda, which serves as the home base for all of our projects in the country. This campus provides office space for all the ministries, departments, and projects our staff in Uganda oversee, as well as Fairmont Christian Secondary School and the Brandom Vocational Skills Center. Plans are underway to provide quality secondary education to hundreds of children, as well as for a medical center and sports complex.


Two trips this summer July 2-15th, 2024 and July 15-28th, 2024


Medical outreach, Child Development, Social Work, Construction, All skills are welcome! Uganda, located in East Africa, is often called “The Pearl of Africa”. Uganda is a beautiful country with rich natural resources, including the source of the Nile River. Uganda is also the country with the second youngest population in the world, due to a variety of difficulties over the past 50+ years, such as the AIDS epidemic, dictators, and guerilla insurgents. The young people of Uganda are struggling to grow up in a country with little access to education, safe water, and health care. Many people live on less than $2 per day. With over 100 local staff members and volunteers, H4KI is honored to be a registered NGO in Uganda. Multiple programs are run through our team at the NGO, including Child Sponsorship, to grant children access to the education they deserve, Water 4 Kids, to provide safe water to villages, and Projects, to foster community development.

What We Will Do

When visiting with your sponsored child, you will have an opportunity to visit the Hope 4 Kids Campus, distribute “Dress a Girl” dresses, school supplies, play sports and games with children while encouraging them at school or in their community. You may also participate in a “Women’s Spa Day” to honor widows and let them know they are valued. Lastly, you have the unique opportunity to attend church and local church events with our ministry partners, giving a chance to encourage and give hope to the pastors and their church family. Each trip is unique and supports our long term partners and programs. You’ll experience firsthand… the smile of a child able to attend school for the very first time the joy of a community celebrating the gift of clean, life-sustaining water the thanks of a widow whose hands you have held in support the rich culture of a different country

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