A new chapel brings hope and a future to kids in Santa Domingo

We at TIME Ministries were blessed recently to visit again one of the pastors for whom we built a chapel this past summer. When we went to San Isidro in Santa Domingo, we found more than 30 kids in class in the chapel. That was really wonderful for us to see and it’s impact will be unforgettable. Pastor Eddyson is doing a great job in that community. Most of the people there are Haitians and a lot of them don’t know how to read or write. Pastor Eddyson wants to teach them to read and write but he believes his greater purpose for the community is to teach them about Jesus.


This chapel was built with a TIME group from Hannover, PA, and the experience with that group was something incredible. The relationships and connections that they made with the kids and the community affected everyone involved in this project. Now Pastor Eddyson is preaching Sundays and Fridays with more than 25 people learning about the good news of Jesus. Their desire now is to keep growing which means they need a bigger school so more kids will learn and hear about Jesus.eddyson-3

This is why they are praying for another chapel so the children can be divided up by ages for teaching. That would allow the church to be used as a church, to preach and teach.

Most of the kids in this community don’t go to school and it is hard for them to find a close school. The opportunity that they have right now to learn is in God’s hands and He uses people like us who serve through TIME Ministries to help. We can do it together as we pray and support Pastor Eddyson and the people in his community who desire to learn and to hear about Jesus Christ.

We are encouraged to hear that there was a meeting to plan for the preschool that they are going to provide for many of the neighborhood children. Valentina, one of Pastor Eddyson’s leaders in the church, is very active in the community and sensitive to their needs.

Eddyson and Valentina with two men in the Bible school

One of the biggest needs right now is for a preschool for children ages 3-5 so that the mothers have time to learn skills to support themselves.

Valentina is thinking about starting a vocational school to teach sewing skills so that the women would be able to make money from sewing curtains and such.

This is very encouraging to see Valentina’s heart to help and that she is taking the initiative to guide the women in ways to become self-sufficient.

As for the church, it looks great but Pastor Eddyson had said that there wasn’t time or money for the team to put in the floor for the church. He ended up going to the churches in Haiti that sent him as a missionary to the Dominican Republic and raised 30,000 pesos to put in the floor. How great to hear how God provided for this need from one of the poorest countries. It really reminds us of the Macedonian churches. Now, in order to get ready for the preschool, Eddyson is working on building a boy’s and girl’s bathroom. This is a requirement of the Dominican government.

Finally, we want to share a story from Pastor Addison about his visits with the local witch doctor. Pastor Eddyson has visited the witch doctor the past few years but the relationship has always been difficult for obvious reasons. He shared yesterday that he passed by his house again to share the gospel and the witch doctor told him that he “feels something in his interior” when Eddyson speaks about Jesus. He shared that he can see that God is at work in the community. God is at work!

We ask you to pray and we also ask for your support to come alongside Pastor Eddyson in this community. You have the chance to be part of this dream that through TIME Ministries and the opportunity God has given us to serve, lives will be changed for now and for eternity.

Here’s how you can pray for  Eddyson

    1. He asked for prayer for the preschool that will be starting September 12th in the community. There is much to be done to get ready with a need for volunteers to teach, blackboards, small tables and chairs for the children, the bathrooms, and more.
    2. He asked for prayer for the church that the Lord would continue to bring more  to hear the word of God.
    3. He also asked for prayer for his “Bible school.” He is meeting with 8 men each Saturday and Sunday to teach them about the gospel, what the church is, and what a member is.


Since 1968, TIME Ministries has been partnering with national pastors and churches to change lives and bring hope through construction projects, evangelism opportunities and discipleship programs. Whether you’re helping build a new church for villagers, performing a lively puppet show in the middle of a crowded local park, or personally connecting one-on-one with nationals, we guarantee it will be an experience you will never forget.

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