GFA World

GFA is a well-established international mission organization deeply committed to seeing lives and communities transformed through God’s Word and compassion. We are a bridge and servant of the Church to fulfill the Lord’s desire of transforming lives and communities in Asia through His love. We are a movement dedicated to glorifying the name of Jesus […]

Divine Hope Ministries

Divine Hope Ministries is committed to helping people from all walks of life experience the unconditional love and unending hope found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Center for Intercultural Training

CIT began in 1998 as a partnership of organizations dedicated to working together to provide quality pre-field training for cross-cultural workers in the areas of cultural understanding and adaptation. language acquistion and spiritual formation.

Ssamba Foundation

Ssamba Foundation and Kyampisi Backpackers Home empowering rural communities of Mukono district, Uganda. Ssamba Foundation is a registered non-profit community development organization founded by Isaac Ssamba (Rotarian) in Mukono, Uganda. Operating in Mukono district, we manage a wide range of sustainable development and humanitarian projects since 2006. Ssamba Foundation provides long-term sustainable solutions to problems […]

Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network

The Minority Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network (MCWEN) was formally established in 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland as a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization designed to support Christian women of color in their entrepreneurial pursuits. To date, the organization has established online and offline programming that impacts over 30,000 of women globally. According to studies, women of color account […]

Banah Foundation

BANAH, which in Hebrew means to build, rebuild, establish, cause to continue, is a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to seeing significant long-term change in the lives and families it touches at the most basic level.

Mission Partners for Christ

People suffer and die everyday from treatable medical conditions. At Mission Partners for Christ, we aren’t happy with that number so we decided to partner with local organizations in remote, underserved locations to provide free medical care, medications, and screenings to the people who need them most. Our medical mission teams provide free preventative care, […]

Apparent Project

The Apparent Project is dedicated to helping Haitian parents rise out of extreme poverty, to provide a future for their family, and to build future leaders in Haiti. Inspiring adoration of our loving Father God with hope that one day He will be ApParent to all. We offer opportunities for the Haitians be able to […]

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