Co.tribute exists to empower individuals and companies to make a tangible impact on the deep needs of this world. At Co.tribute, our mission is to show people that the work they do is meaningful, while also serving those who are entrenched in struggle due to one of the following issues: orphans, trafficking, poverty, health, homelessness, oppression […]

Mission Minder

MissionMinder gives you easy to use tools to manage all your short-term mission trips and teams online. You can easily manage an unlimited number of trips and team members. Plus it also includes a online fundraising system. Fundraising can be challenging. So in addition to providing an online fundraising system for team members, Mission Minder also offers ideas, suggestions and […]

Commission Ministers Network

Ministerial credentials – licensing or ordination – cannot make a person a minister but should be available to those who have demonstrated a call to ministry by actually serving others. CMN offers credentials to those who are actually involved in ministry either full or part time. Often these credentials can open doors of opportunity for […]

Thirst Missions

Thirst Missions, a world leader in short-term mission trips, is committed to leading high quality private mission trips for every group. We take care of all the logistics and planning so your group of 4+ people can focus on ministry and relationships. We invite you to serve with us in Alaska, Appalachia, Belize, or Puerto […]