Cafe 1040

There are entire populations of people who are unreached. They have little to no access to the story and person of Jesus. No churches. No followers of Jesus. No missionaries. Yet. We are leading a generation to go and tell them. Join us.

Our History

WE EXIST TO SEE DISCIPLES OF JESUS FROM EVERY PEOPLE GROUP We are a community that believes the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single most significant event in the history of the world. But over 3 billion people have little to no access to this gospel. That’s 42% of the entire world’s population. This reality fuels our mission to empower the next generation of missionaries to tell the story of Jesus in places it is not yet told.

We believe that God has been working throughout history to gather worshippers from all nations. Because of that, we take seriously the opportunity to be part of the Church’s Commission to make disciples of every people group. We know that one day there will be worshippers of Jesus from every tribe, tongue, and nation. Until that day comes, we are committed to mobilizing the next generation of missionaries to the least reached peoples of the world.

Our Mission

LEADING A GENERATION TO TELL THE STORY OF JESUS WHERE IT HAS NEVER BEEN TOLD Cafe 1040’s mission was formed around the reality that there are billions of people without access to the story of Jesus. God chooses to use His people to change this reality – to tell the story of Jesus among all peoples. So we asked, what can we do to help get more missionaries in the places where they are most needed? And who will these missionaries be?

We believe young adults have a strong desire and unique ability to complete the Great Commission. Because of this, everything we do is focused toward mobilizing the emerging generation of missionaries from the pews of our churches to unreached peoples all over the world. This generation needs to see it for themselves, so we invite young adults to come walk alongside long-term missionaries to see what their life could look like telling the story of Jesus among an unreached people group.

We run our overseas mentorship program inside the 10/40 Window at one of our three overseas locations: North Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. While there, students are immersed in cross-cultural living, language, history, religion, and spiritual discipleship – all for the purpose of equipping the next generation of missionaries with the clarity and confidence needed to understand how their skills, passions, talents, and abilities can play a part in taking the story of Jesus where it has never been told.

Our Values

We are a humble, hungry, and resilient community. Our culture describes who we are internally, and in turn, what we produce externally. When you think and operate in unique ways internally, you can produce the unique identity and image you desire externally. We want to embody these things ourselves, in order to lead a generation of missionaries in these same values.

What We Do

OUR ROLE IN MISSIONS Cafe 1040 exists to help mobilize the next generation of missionaries to the 3.1 billion people who have little to no access to the story of Jesus. But we know that the process from desiring to live overseas and actually getting there can be long and confusing. There are common obstacles that keep people from serving – a GAP IN THE PROCESS between the desire to go and being sent.

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