CardioStart International

CardioStart International is composed of volunteers of heart care professionals and interested friends who have performed over 70 heart surgery mission trips in more than 30 medically deprived countries. Their main goal is to teach local doctors and nurses advanced cardiac care and program development. Adult and pediatric specialties all are welcome to apply — visit the CardioStart website for additional information.

Our History

Since 1987, CardioStart International has been providing advanced cardiac medical programs to countries needing assistance. Non-medical support is also provided to rural communities through our outreach programs. Several times each year, volunteer teams are assembled drawing experts from countries with advanced healthcare systems. Team members share their expertise with healthcare providers in countries that are enduring hardship from conflict, natural disaster or general economic disadvantage. To date over 600 patients have had surgical correction of their heart disorders. Countries which have received various levels of assistance include from CardioStart include:
Albania, Bolivia, Brazil, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Iraq, Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Myanmar,Nepal, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Palestine, Vietnam, Uganda, Ghana, Peru, Uganda and Ukraine.

Our Mission

A world where the underserved have access to cardiac care


To educate and assist local medical teams in providing free heart surgery and comprehensive medical care to adults and children in underserved regions of the world.

Our Values

CardioStart International provides free heart surgery and associated medical care to children and adults living in underserved regions of the world, irrespective of political or religious affiliation,
• Education
• Excellence
• Honesty
• Passion
• Ensuring Measurable change
• Responsibility
• Compassion
• Art of the Possible
• Transformative
• Compassion
• Integrity
• Humanitarian
• Involvement
• Commitment
• Impactful
• Accountability
• Patient Centric
• Volunteer Centric
• Personal growth
• Visionary
• People

CardioStart International - What We Do

Hope and Support:
CardioStart International aspires to provide greater hope and support to families with children and adults afflicted with heart disease in the underserved regions of the world by….
• Assisting in the development of advanced heart care and related specialties;
• Performing complex heart operations using the local facilities;
• Providing ongoing training and educational programs;
• Empowering local medical teams with the skills, equipment and means to increase the level of care for their patients. During intense two-week missions CardioStart provides an opportunity for local medical teams to develop a sustainable medical specialty in their existing facilities.
We provide major equipment donations:
Implementation of a successful cardiac specialty program requires donations of equipment and supplies to local medical facilities we are supporting. To help ease the hospital’s chronic budget restrictions, which hold up medical progress, CardioStart sends at least one shipping container in advance of each mission so that equipment is available for the mission team to use. At the completion of the mission, all equipment is left for the hospital’s continued use. Expert biomedical engineers help introduce and educate local medical providers on new equipment so that familiarity with new technology is assured.
We Empower:
We believe education is the key to developing sustainable medical programs in developing countries. Local doctors and nurses are involved as an integral part of the CardioStart team throughout each mission. They participate in training sessions, learn to perform all surgical procedures and learn how to care for the post-operative patient.
On nearly each medical mission, CardioStart identifies outreach projects that will support families and impoverished groups within the greater hospital community. These projects include orphanage assistance, education in rural medical clinics, screenings and public health education, just to name a few. Medical and non-medical volunteers support our mission outreach projects.

Contact: Janine Henson
Organization: CardioStart International
Phone: 503-926-4232
6110 Hartford Street
Tampa FL 33619

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