Gospel Graffiti

Gospel Graffiti Crew is a ministry that is called to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through legal graffiti art. This will be accomplished by having members, globally, that share the call and desire to use legal graffiti art as a tool to seek and save the lost. We will reflect Christ, on and off the wall, to show his love to the world.

We are often asked how a person can get involved in the Gospel Graffiti Movement. Our answer: JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP. It’s a chill place for novice to advanced graffiti artists to ask question, show off skills, trade sketches and meet people in your area who are looking for people to paint with on legal walls. We look forward to meeting you in there soon!

But more then facebook, email and all that.. connect with brothers and sisters in real life.

Every year Gospel Graffiti makes it a point to unite together and make a difference in a community. They do this by donating their time, talent, and money to beautify communities, empower youth, feed the homeless, mentor aspiring artists, give Bible studies, and baptizing others.

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