Mission Servants Ministry

Mission Servants Ministry exhibits the Love of Jesus Christ in practical ways through service and projects, supporting organizations serving the orphaned, poor, and stricken in Africa.  People join with us through support, sponsorships, trips, and hands-on effective and relevant work.  100% of all contributions are funneled directly to the funded orphanages, schools, ministries and projects.

Our History

Bob and Kathy Hillebrand…..were stewards of Pinnacle Converting Equipment, a custom manufacturing machine, design and build company in Charlotte, NC. We know that we have been blessed since founding it in 1995 and ultimately selling it in 2014 with God leading us through many trials and showing us how to be a good example of Christian business people. Acknowledging God as our CEO has made all the difference in our lives.

We founded Mission Servants Ministries after being led into hands on engagements with Disaster Relief, Projects, and Ministries that are focused on defending the defenseless. As we communicate and share about these experiences with God at work, people are led to join us. We only ask God for provisions and trust in Him to bring them. MSM allows us to funnel contributions directly to accountable projects and Ministries. God made us to be problem solvers and entrepreneurs and He blessed us with a way to serve with those gifts.”

Our Mission

Mission Servant’s Ministry Goals toward The Lord’s Servants Home are: To honor God in all our actions. To provide professional management oversight and planning for long-term effectiveness. To provide funding to meet the short and long-term needs of the home and children. To provide an opportunity for the children to grow into Christian adults that can be a nucleus of positive cultural change. To make a positive impact on the community by showing Christ’s love in a practical way.

What We Do

The orphanage houses 60 children aged 4 to 18 years old, 30 boys and 30 girls in separate dorms. The children are from diverse backgrounds, are fully cared for, and attend our Lord’s Servants Academy, a local non-government school, or boarding High Schools where they are doing very well. The home is professionally staffed and is operated efficiently to a mission statement. The home also features a farm, playground, electric power, chlorinated well water, partnership with the LSA school, and partnership with The Liyavo Bible Church.

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