Friends of Children Everywhere

Friends of Children Everywhere operates a number of ministries in Guatemala including Casa Bernabé Ministries.

Casa Bernabé Ministries exists to provide hope for vulnerable children in Guatemala, both within the walls of its campus and also within the surrounding community. The ministry seeks to provide the framework needed for each child to step out from the past trauma of their lives by providing physical needs, medical and psychological care, and spiritual guidance. Children are ministered to in church and youth group and educated in the Christian school on campus. Lives are transformed as the ties of generational poverty and abuse are broken.​ By working with the Guatemalan court systems and biological families Casa Bernabé Ministries is leading the way in Guatemalan Global Orphan Care.

Friends of Children Everywhere (FOCE), an accredited 501c3, is run by an international board of directors who are passionate about caring for vulnerable children. This volunteer board serves as an advisory board to the ministry’s ruling board in Guatemala, FUNPRONI.

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