CATTLEYA began as a result of parents seeing the need for support groups and need to help their children develop their abilities to be included in an educational program that would meet their needs and treat them with respect.

Our History

CATTLEYA is an Association of Parents and Friends of People with Disabilities.
Over 10 years ago, several mothers joined together to become advocates for their children with disabilities, supporting each other in the process. Over the years, the group grew and organized itself into a Honduran NGO. Programs were organized and staff hired as needed, to better meet the needs of the these different abled learners. Currently, Cattleya operates an Educational Center where programming takes place. CATTLEYA means “Con Amor, Trabajo y Terapia, Logramos Educar y Avanzar”(With Love, Work and Therapy we Educate and Advocate). Over the years, Cattleya has worked hard to advocate for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities, coordinating events and Special trainings for those in the community.

Our Mission

Work to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, offering quality development and education programs to promote their full inclusion and social participation as dignified and deserving citizens.

Our vision is to become a “model program” for people with disabilities in the Bay Islands, by mentoring families, children, teachers and community members through training and education.

Our Values

Our core values are Integration, Joy and Harmony, Tolerance, Respect, Diversity awareness, Solidarity, Responsibility and compromise , Desires to improve, Transparency and Spiritual Values.

What We Do

Cattleya promotes the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into society by implementing rehabilitation programs of education and offering activities through reinforcing their abilities.

We focus on advocacy and education for children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities and their families. Cattleya operates an educational center, currently serving approximately 35 children, ages 3 through 18, during the days and 5 young adults/ adults in the early evenings. We currently employ 5 staff members and continuously are seeking assistance in helping to advance their education through teacher training.

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