Church Volunteers in Mission

Our History

Church Volunteers in mission ministry started in 2016 but was fully registered with the Kenya government on 11th, January 2024. The ministry, with its aim and it’s focus on the rural areas, started as church leaders training, Prison outreach and schools ministry then later developed to other ministries like support to home-based orphans, vulnerable children, widows, community health care including water purification and housing to the poor among others under prayers. It benefits populations from such areas as the Islands and the lake regions of Kenya (Africa). Church Volunteers In Mission Ministry is a Christian C.B.O located in Homa Bay County, Mbita Town in the Southern Nyanza area.

Our Mission

Rescue and capacity build the deprived, marginalized, and hurting community by capacity building allowing them to improve their lives by alleviating illiteracy levels, rescuing abused and neglected children, and providing them with affordable health care services.


Our Values

Evangelism, outreach to widows and orphans, outreach to prisoners, outreach to schools, relief food outreach, community health outreach, Pastoral training and girl child education.

What We Do

House Building charitable program started in the year 2016 to address the shortage of houses for child-headed families, widows and other vulnerable people. The conditions of the houses make the poor people uncomfortable and sometimes the houses are swept by floods due to heavy rains leading to water diseases. Many poor people can’t construct comfortable houses due to high poverty index. Lack of houses for them is a challenge to us therefore, through combined energy, and working together as a team, the C.B.O pushes its limits to help construct Houses for the Widows and the poor.

Church Volunteers In Mission also runs an education center. The primary focus of this educational center is to ensure that the children we rescue and those in the community who are considered too vulnerable access their right to education.
The center administers the CBC syllabus and has classes from play groups to grade 6. The center presently has a total enrolment of 300 who receive free education. The organization also implements a feeding program at the center as a strategy to keep the children in school.
The staff at the center have undergone basic training in guidance and counseling to better handle the children and help them cope with the prevailing challenging realities; currently, the school has 12 teachers and 3 subordinate staff.

Since the start of the feeding program, our transition rates have remained at 100% and our aim is to ensure this trend continues. The children are also provided with free learning materials including textbooks and writing materials, and we provide a computerized learning program, which has really motivated the children to attend classes.

The leadership program is a dynamic and purpose-driven initiative aimed at training Church leaders and spreading the message of hope, love, and salvation through the teachings of Jesus Christ. Rooted in the church’s mission to reach hearts and transform lives, this ministry is designed to engage the community, foster spiritual growth, and inspire individuals to embrace a life of faith.

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