ChristAid International

ChristAid International serves Christ by aiding impoverished children and elderly women in Uganda.  What began as a simple ministry has exploded into a powerful, life-saving outreach to the poor of Uganda. Lives are being transformed through health care, education and the message of the gospel through action. ChristAid has shipped forty-foot containers of medical and educational equipment to Uganda and genocide-stricken Rwanda.

Over the years we have learned many lessons and God has brought great people with the biggest hearts and experience to make the burden lighter. Looking back to where we began and counting our blessings, surely God began a good work in us and has empowered us to do more in the future. We are truly humbled by God’s grace.

Our History

The vision of ChristAid began in Denver, Colorado through the conviction and prompting of the Holy spirit in the life of David Mporampora.

David, the founder and CEO of ChristAid, came to the United States from Uganda, Africa for a college education and to pursue the American dream. His goal was to use his God-given musical talents to become a celebrity Christian artist, earn lots of money and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. In retirement, he wanted to become the missions director of a wealthy suburban church, make mission trips to Jamaica, Hawaii and other luxury vacation sites or go on cruises and minister to movie stars and celebrities. Why not? he thought! This is the land of opportunity. But God had other plans!

In 1995, David incorporated and registered ChristAid as a non-profit outreach. Later it was received its accreditation from the Federal government — a true blessing from above.

The program began with twenty case studies of orphans in Uganda. It grew to fifty, then a hundred. It now reaches hundreds of orphaned or miserably poor children. Later David started a rare outreach to grandmothers called “Grandmas for Jesus.” The program began with seven case studies but now reaches out to over two hundred grandmas who have become sole-caregivers to children orphaned by the HIV epidemic.

Our Mission

Putting God’s love in action by providing relief, Christian care and education to children and families in Uganda for the Glory of God.

ChristAid International participates in the Generous Giving Program. Click here to learn how you can support their work at no cost to you. 

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