Heaven’s Reach Ministries

At Heaven’s Reach Ministries, we show teach and release God’s love to the world through education, medical clinics and agriculture. We make disciples and empower others into ministry. Will have a nutrition program for expecting mothers, a teaching farm for subsistence farmers, and a school outreach programs into the public schools. We a have Feeding Center and church planting.

Our History

Heaven’s Reach Ministries, founded in 2004, is dedicated to the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We started in Honduras, the poorest country in Central America, in 2006 working with Mercy International. In September of 2011 we started a new season of ministry. We started and are now working with our sister NGO Alcansando Destde El Cielo in Honduras.

Our Mission

Our mission is To Show, Teach, and Release Gods Love to the world by meeting physical and relational needs; mentoring and teaching a Christ directed life; and encouraging others into ministry.

Our Values

HRM core values that define, inform, and guide our professional practice. These values reflect the history and ongoing development of our ministry represented by the word Praise. These are: • Purposefulness • Relationship building • Advancing the kingdom of God • Integrity • Sustainability • Empowerment

What We Do

We started our mission work helping teams get to the mission field. We soon realized a need for medical supplies and equipment and started shipping to the public hospitals where we noticed the number 1 health issue was malnutrition indeed it is also the number 1 spiritual issue as well. We started nutrition ministry to expecting mothers and realized it wasn’t just about vitamins and minerals but calories so we started victory farms to teach their husbands how to grow more food on the land they already had while we disciple them. We started a discipleship program into the public school teaching the young leaders. We now have a full time clinic that serves and ministers to 10,000 poeple a year.

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