Commission To Every Nation

Why do we make it so hard for people to go on the mission field? Aren’t there already enough hurdles? At Commission To Every Nation (CTEN) we strive to make it simple for you to follow the call of God on your life into full time missions ministry. We are all about “Helping Ordinary People Partner With God To Accomplish The Extraordinary”. If God has invited you to serve with him in ministry, give us a call and let us help you fulfill that dream.

Our History

Founded in 1994 in Guatemala, Central America, CTEN now has offices in the US and Canada to help you get on the mission field.

Our Mission

There are thousands of unique niches and needs on the mission field. We not only help the traditional missionary but also those who do not fit the mold but fit one of these unique needs.

Our Values

Keep it simple – our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to follow God’s dream for your life. Pastoral Care – Our biggest investment is in caring for you and your family once on the field. We have full time staff that will stay in touch with you and even visit your family on the field to support and encourage you.

What We Do

We provide a base for donors in the US and Canada to support you. We offer advice, counsel and a support team to help you be successful in your missions ministry – pastoral care visits to you on the field, publications services for your newsletters and other printed material, tax consulting, financial donor processing, end of the year tax records for you and donors, ministerial freedom to follow the dream the Lord has put in your heart.

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