Eagle Wings Native American Ministries

Eagle Wings Native American Ministries is a gatherings of First Nations People, and non-Native friends, who are finding freedom from addictions, healing from the wounds and carryover effects of past abuse, and personal fulfillment in life through an experiential, personal, spiritual union and relationship with the Creator through the Person of Jesus Christ. One-on-one ministry for abuse and/or chemical dependency recovery, domestic violence intervention, mentoring, teaching and fellowship.

Our History

Eagle Wings Native American Ministries began in 2002 in Seattle, Washington, by Rev Rodger Niemeier, formerly planting and pastoring Seattle Intertribal Alliance Church; he and 3 other Native People formed Eagle Wings as a ministry to effectively focus on providing ministry for the recovery from abuse, and its effects, and chemical dependency. These are two widespread, life-robbing issues of Native People across America and Canada.

Rev Rodger Niemeier has been ministering among Native People (Nome, Alaska; Seattle, Washington) for more than 40 years, and was also a teacher of recovery classes for 13 years at Thunderbird inpatient treatment center of the Seattle Indian Health Board.

Partnering with Rising Above Counseling ministry out of Niverville, Manitoba, Canada, Eagle Wings is developing effective ministry to aid Native People in recovering from historic trauma and resulting effects of domestic violence and abuse, and the alcoholism and drug abuse that often accompanies the unresolved pain of past abuse.

Eagle Wings Ministries (for short) has been registered as a church and Christian ministry since 2003 and considered a nonprofit religious entity for purposes of receiving tax deductible donations.

Our Mission

The Mission of Eagle Wings Native American Ministries is to provide the church ministries of preaching and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ primarily to Native People in the Pacific Northwest, relative to Native People’s needs and concerns, especially relative to recovery from the effects of historic trauma, domestic violence and abuse, and chemical dependency.

Our Values

Our core values are: Integrity of the Gospel; value and respect of Native People as the 1st People of America and Canada; a right understanding of the effects of “historic trauma” on Native People (and others); a right understanding of the debilitating effects of abuse (of any kind) on the human mind and spirit; and lastly, a right understanding of how Jesus Christ heals the human mind and spirit of the effects of abuse and restores healthy self-worth, self-respect, and identity in Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Eagle Wings Ministries provides: one-on-one ministry (Praying Through Your Life Story) for discovering and addressing, in Christ, the incidents and effects of past abuse and domestic violence; domestic violence intervention ministry; Christ-based ministry for recovery from addictions; teaching ministries for personal fulfillment of a new life in Christ; fellowship gatherings for personal support and encouragement.

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