Exodus Vision

Exodus Vision believes in using our own hands to promote God’s kingdom. Catch a fish for yourself instead of expecting to be fed by others. We want to see more and more churches not only supporting themselves but also sending forth locally supported evangelists into the region and beyond. We are envisioning a new people living in a new land.

Our History

Exodus Vision was founded on March 7, 2007  on a mission to equip African Churches for Evangelism, Education and Economic development.

Our Mission

The mission of Exodus Vision is to equip churches in the African Great Lakes Region for evangelism, education, and economic  development.

Our Values

We believe God has heard the cry and seen the bondage of his people and He is coming to rescue them (Exodus 3:7-8). People in the Great Lakes are not doomed to stay where they are.There is a new place for them. There is a hope and future that God intends to give them. There is a better destiny for Africa.

What We Do

In its first stage, the education ministry shall focus on sponsoring orphans and other needy kids who have been abandoned. The African youth constitute a tremendous treasure for the future of our nations. By investing in the youth, we envision a fresh start and a building of a new generation for the region. Exodus Vision is committed to build and shape a new generation of people that have been confined in a cage of despair and ignorance because they think they can’t make it.

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