Faith In Practice

Operates one-week medical missions of surgery and family practice clinics. We welcome adults of all faiths to join us in serving the poor with much needed medical care. We especially need those with Medical and related skills: MD, RN, PT, OT, Anesthesiology, Family Practice MD.

Our History

Since its incorporation in 1994, Faith In Practice has been committed to serving the poor of Guatemala through medical, dental, surgical, and health education mission trips. Faith In Practice was born out of a response to God’s calling and continues to seek to follow God’s will through service to the poor of Guatemala. Faith In Practice has grown from two small surgery teams in 1994, with a total of 25 individuals, to a network of integrated care with medical teams serving in the villages and surgical teams serving in two key locations, among other programs. In 2017, approximately 1,200 volunteers from across the United States will serve beside approximately 900 Guatemalan volunteers. There will be more than 40 teams working together in the villages of Guatemala, operating at Las Obras and Hilario Galindo Hospital, which is currently under major expansion. More than 25,000 patients will receive medical care, and patients and their families will fill more than 25,000 beds at the Casa de Fe guesthouse in Antigua and the Hilario Galindo Hospital Casa de Milagros guest house in Retalhuleu.

Our Mission

The mission of Faith In Practice is to improve the physical, spiritual, and economic conditions of the poor in Guatemala through short-term surgical, medical, and dental mission trips and health-related educational programs. Our mission is based on an ecumenical understanding that as people of God we are called to demonstrate the love and compassion that is an outward sign of God’s presence among us. Faith In Practice’s life-changing medical mission is to minister to the poor, while providing a spiritually enriching experience for our volunteers.

Our Values

Since the very beginning, Faith In Practice has always sought to serve in response and in gratitude to the grace we have experienced in our own lives. We also experience the humble blessing that comes when all come together in a common purpose. In all things, we rely on the calling, wisdom and love of God. We truly believe that we could do nothing without God’s hand in this work.

What We Do

The majority of the Guatemalan population lives in extreme poverty and has virtually no access to medical care. Faith In Practice is committed to serving the poor of Guatemala through short-term medical mission trips that take an integrated approach to care that strives to reach those in the greatest need. Each year, more than 1,200 medical professionals and support personnel from across the United States and world travel to Guatemala, paying their own direct expenses to serve the poor through Faith In Practice. Each year, nearly 900 Guatemalan volunteers work beside our volunteers in this endeavor. Faith In Practice teams see more than 25,000 patients annually. Our volunteers serve through a variety of teams that are connected, providing a continuity of care in the context of short-term medical mission.

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