Forefront Experience

Billions of people still lack the ability to hear about Jesus. Three billion people around the world at this moment have little or no access to a saving relationship with Jesus. They will likely live and die without ever being introduced to the Savior of the world unless a follower of Jesus crosses a barrier to make disciples. These people are unreached.

Previously somewhat isolated in distant places, unreached people are now coming to us as refugees, international students, and immigrants where they can freely discover the truth about God. How will the church respond to our new neighbors from all over the world?

God is moving around the world, starting church-planting movements in some of the places on the planet that have historically been most resistant to the gospel message. We believe God is going to continue this work in North America. Will you join with us in pursuing this?

Join our experiential training opportunities including Missional Learning Teams and Internships focused on disciple-making efforts among the unreached in North America. We want to equip teams of local and global believers to become catalysts for disciple-making movements. Receive DMM Coaching from our disciple-making practitioners.

We are a great fit for young adults with a multitude of gifts, abilities and skills. We have opportunities working with orphanages, healthcare, sports, teaching, business, graphic design and much more!

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