MissionGO has about 500 missionaries presently serving in over 40 counties. With headquarters in Canada and the US, MissionGO continues to provide a unique opportunity to follow God into the Harvest Field. Through training, coaching, member care, communication platforms, and administration, the MissionGo team provides a suite of services to assist career and short-term missionaries to pursue what God has put on their hearts.

Our History

Originally founded in 1943, as the European Evangelistic Crusade, by evangelist James Stewart, MissionGO’s evangelistic outreach touches over 50 countries around the globe.

Our Mission

Evangelical in every way, MissionGO is solely concerned with the propagation of the Gospel of the grace of God as revealed in the Word of God. Our primary objective is the winning of Souls for Jesus Christ. We enjoy fellowship with Christians of like faith, crossing many denominational lines. In all of our programs, the Gospel is to be proclaimed, the Scriptures are to be taught, converts are to be discipled, and indigenous churches are to be organized.

Our Values

Before Jesus left the earth, he had an important message for his followers–the people who watched him live, serve, die, and rise again. It was also a message for followers who would come after–those today who hear, read, understand, and believe. That message was simple: Spread the good news. In obedience to his great commission, and with a passion for his glory, MissionGO is taking the glory of the gospel to meet the needs of the world, for the sake of His name, through Church Planting, meeting medical needs, building clean water wells, building orphanages, and so much more.

What We Do

We offer flexibility in ministry. Each missionary representative has complete liberty to follow their convictions and the direction of the Holy Spirit in the method of communicating the message of the Gospel. MGO serves as an umbrella to assist in the administration and representation of the individual. We maintain no age limit for service. Providing the individual senses God’s call to serve, we commission young people following graduation, semi-retirees, and those who are in retirement.

We offer a variety of options in service: Summer: from three to eight weeks; Short term: 3-36 months; Career: as long as the Lord directs. We maintain individual support accounts on behalf of all missionary personnel. We believe there is no division in the mandate given to the church, whether the individuals come from North America, Europe, or any other part of the globe. We invite national personnel to come under our umbrella, as well as those serving from North America and Europe, making no distinction between the two. We are very diverse in our ministry. We have a wide range of services including church planting, missionary aviation, radio, medical, community development, and various forms of evangelism. Our offices are in the USA and Canada, offering full service for our missionary personnel in the area of administration.

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