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  • Go To Nations - Florida USA  - Mission Finder

  • Go To Nations - Florida USA  - Mission Finder

  • Go To Nations - Florida USA  - Mission Finder

    Ken with men of the Ata tribe who graduated from the Calvary Tribal Leadership Training program.

  • Go To Nations - Florida USA  - Mission Finder

    Member since 1999

Go To Nations

Go To Nations is a missions sending agency with over 800 workers, serving in over 90 nations, from medical and humanitarian efforts, to evangelism and church-planting. We specialize in training missionaries in field locations and empowering church leaders to develop communities who focus on completion of the Great Commission.

Our History

Go To Nations was incorporated as Calvary International, Inc. in 1981 as a 501 (c)(3) missions sending agency. They have been a member of ECFA since 1999. It was founded by Daniel and Sharon Williams as they served as missionaries in Costa Rica. Their small group of missionaries had a lasting impact in Latin America where more than 4,000 nationals were trained in the Bible Training Center. To date Go To Nations has mobilized over 850 missionaries and national workers serving millions of people and seeing over 1.5 million salvations by bringing hope to the hurting, igniting fires of evangelism, and training leaders to change nations.

Our Mission

As a missions sending agency impacting over 93 nations, our mission is to Go To Nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ until Every Tribe, Every Tongue, and Every Nation has heard.

Our Values

LORDSHIP OF CHRIST- This ministry belongs to God. We are just stewards. We are here to serve Him and bring Him glory. EMPOWERMENT OF OTHERS-We equip others for the mission. We rejoice with the success of others. ADVANCEMENT OF THE KINGDOM- Go To Nations is not about building a ministry. It is about completing a mission. PARTNERSHIP- It is not about personal kingdom building. It’s working together for His glory.

Go To Nations - What We Do

Our heart is to connect people to a totally loving and completely holy God. Our purpose is to recruit, equip, mobilize, and serve missionaries and churches, enabling them to fulfill the Great Commission. Our vision is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bring hope to the hurting, and train leaders to change nations with God’s love. We do this by: Focusing on strategic locations in the world where Go To Nations can develop strong missions projects and assist nationals in developing missions movements in their own communities and churches. Operating a thriving international headquarters which uses advanced technology for communication, coordination, and administrative purposes.

Contact: Sandra Barfield
Organization: Go To Nations
Phone: (904) 398-6559 ext. 1107
P.O. Box 10305
Jacksonville FL 32247

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