God’s Littlest Angels (GLA)

God’s Littlest Angels provides exceptional neonatal care and a safe haven to the smallest, sickest and most vulnerable children of Haiti.

Our History

God’s Littlest Angels was founded by John and Dixie Bickel on Christmas Day, 1994, when a 1 pound 15 ounce baby was born at the local mission hospital in Fermathe. Because of her size, she was not given much of a chance for survival. With the parents’ permission, Dixie took the baby home. John put his skills to work making an incubator out of a cardboard box and a heating pad. At the time, Dixie didn’t have access to IV supplies, so she kept the baby alive by feeding her with an eye dropper every two hours. Within four days, she was drinking from a doll bottle. After four months, Angel Noël went home to her parents. We kept in contact with Angel Noël for many years. We have not heard from her family since the earthquake of 2010 displaced so many people in Port-au-Prince, but we continue to pray that her family is still safe and well.

Our Mission

Providing Exceptional Neonatal Care & a Safe Haven to The Smallest, Sickest and Most Vulnerable Children of Haiti.

Our Values

Rooted- We base everything in the faith we have rooted in Christ Jesus. Colossians 2:6-7 Restore- We strive to meet the physical needs of vulnerable children in Haiti with excellence including health, education, and safety. This standard spans all parts of the organization, from medical care, administrative work, and everything in between. Colossians 3:23 Reliable- We strive to be open and honest with our operations so that we can work as a team to make an impact in Haiti. Prov 21:3 Relationship- GLA strives to be good neighbors to our local community, while facilitating partnerships with staff, parents, Haitian social services, and the medical community. Matt 22:37-40

What We Do

We are licensed with ISEBR, Haitian social services, to provide care to up to 75 children at a time. This includes residential long term care to children who are awaiting adoption, and also acute care to children who need assistance. Our medical ministry is focused predominantly on neonatal premature intensive care. As a result of the lack of prenatal medical care, poor maternal nutrition, and the hard life that many mothers must live, many infants are born premature or with low birth weights. Most of these infants struggle to live and many die due to lack of proper care.

God’s Littlest Angels was founded to help these infants survive that initial neonatal period where so many infants are lost due to hypothermia, dehydration, infection, weakness and the inability to suck on a normal bottle. Our survival rate is over 90% for all preemies admitted to the nursery. After treatment, the majority of these infants are able to return home to their families.

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