Hope For Mexico Missions

Hope for Mexico Missions is focused on taking the Gospel to the lost and broken. We share the gospel of Jesus as we serve the people through social service projects. We train native missionaries and local leaders to plant churches that bring life and health to needy remote communities that have no churches. We have been working in the area of Guasave, Sinaloa, for over 20 years. In Sinaloa we have planted several churches that continue to grow on their own. We are now taking the gospel to the unreached people groups of Latin America.

Our History

Hope for Mexico Missions was started in 1989 by Jeff and Renea Petit with the vision of building a children’s home in Rocky Point Mexico to meet the needs of abandoned and abused children.

Since then HFMM has grown to reach into Mexico with the gospel, planting churches in Sinaloa and partnering with ministries to care for children and train pastors. Today HFMM is extending its reach into Latin America with a vision to make disciples in un-reached, un-contacted people groups.

Our Mission

Become a missionary. You can be trained to be a missionary while serving on the mission field, Our missionary training and mentoring program will take you right where the need is on the field. You will be partnered with a seasoned missionary to learn the does and don´t of the missionary life. What better place to learn than where it¨s all happening. Real mission field experience along with mentoring and study results in a well prepared missionary. Missionaries are currently needed in many areas of Latin America. After successfully completing your training you will have several missionary opportunities available to you where you can choose to serve as the Lord leads you.

Our Values

Follow Jesus, Live by God’s word, be sincere, be honest and seek God’s kingdom first.

What We Do

We are taking the gospel to the people groups in Latin America that are still unreached to fulfill the call of Jesus to, “GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS”, Matt 28:19.

We go where other ministries are not. We start churches where there are none and reach people who do not currently have Christian ministries working among them.  Through social service projects like medical clinics, water systems and community development, we meet physical needs while presenting the truth of the gospel.

We build teams of Americans and Nationals to serve as partners to establish growing churches and healthy communities in areas that have no Christian churches. We train nationals to become missionaries to their own people.
We partner businesses, churches and individuals with national missionaries to adopt their ministry of reaching their own people.

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