Language and Culture Training International (LCTI)

LCTI provides state-of-the-art missions training to equip you with the ministry skills needed for successful cross-cultural service, including intensive language and culture training for Arabic, Chinese and Russian-speaking countries.

Our History

LCTI was established in 1993 after ministry experience in the former USSR. Research on what is required for success in the most challenging contexts made it evident that to be truly successful in full-time ministry in many regions, Missions candidates need vital training in the language, culture and worldview.

Our Mission

LCTI is a non-profit organization committed to providing essential cross-cultural and language training for workers preparing to serve Christ among the earth’s most challenging cultures. LCTI is engaged in a growing partnership with Great Northern University, which was formerly Moody Bible Institute, Spokane, to provide missions training for the next generation. Through this relationship, we are also able to provide TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificates to those who desire to use English teaching overseas to serve Christ.

Our Values

We value Christ-like relationships, the key to developing heart and mind for effective ministry. Our work is not a job. Rather, it is a ministry based on God’s calling. In all we do inside the classroom and out, we strive to provide an encouraging, wholesome learning environment. We also value learning. As teachers we are learners first. We recognize the need to be on the cutting edge of the most effective teaching methods.

What We Do

Located in beautiful Spokane, WA, LCTI provides full or part-time training in three strategic languages: Arabic, Chinese and Russian. Our programs also include courses that introduce students to their target culture, equipping them to overcome the difficulties of life and ministry. Our programs help candidates to greatly speed up language acquisition and develop the skills for successful cross-cultural ministry. LCTI utilizes the most up-to-date language teaching methods based on proven research. The result is language learning that overcomes the typical difficulties related to these challenging languages. Students in our intensive programs attain proficiency very quickly and in six months of training our students are typically able to move well beyond the basic conversational abilities normally acquired in most 4-year college language programs. We offer year-round online courses, part-time courses on campus, and at times intensive programs. Undergraduate credit is available for intensive and part-time courses.

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