International Christian School of Budapest

International Christian School of Budapest provides Bible-based English education to prepare students in grades 1-12 as followers of Christ, and to prepare them for entrance into North American colleges and universities. We seek qualified, committed teachers for Science, Math, Social Studies, PE, plus a Nurse, and a Business Manager.

Our History

In 1992, several Christian mission organizations saw the need for a school in Central Europe to serve missionary families in the region. On September 19, 1994, ICSB opened its doors for the first time, with 56 students in grades 1 through 12, and 21 faculty and staff members. In 1998, ICSB received full accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), which it still maintains. Over the past decade, ICSB has grown to over approximately 200 students in grades Pre 1-12, with over 50 faculty and staff members. We have a 4-story building and our facilities include a gymnasium, science labs, a library, and two modern computer labs.

Our Mission

The International Christian School of Budapest (ICSB) exists to serve families by providing their children with an excellent, biblically-based, college-preparatory education, in an environment that encourages them to become wholehearted followers of Christ.

Our Values

Any understanding of ICSB must take into consideration its commitment to certain core values, which include:

Appreciation of God’s creativity as demonstrated through the cultures of an international student body

Commitment to serve the missionary community

Developement of our staff as mentors and models of godly character

The salvation and discipleship of each student, toward the development of a Christian world view

The participation of parents in training children.

The preparation of students for higher education in North America

Maintaining North American school accreditation

The pursuit of excellence to the glory of God

What We Do

We seek to provide:

Missionary families who are serving in Central Europe, and specifically the Budapest area,  educational needs of their children.

We want to provide them a place where they are safe, nurtured, loved, given a sense of belonging, and discipled.

Help them obtain a Biblical worldview and equip them to be lifelong learners.

Help them to succeed in colleges and universities in North America.

Help students develop a dynamic personal relationship with God, to serving Him wholeheartedly in whatever way He calls them.

Help our students appreciate different cultures and peoples, and have a heart for people of all nations.

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