VOICE Missions

VOICE Missions was born with the intent of giving Christian young people an opportunity to minister in the nation of Taiwan as volunteer English TESOL Teachers. What began as one team in one county, has turned into nine teams in eight counties, comprised of young people passionate about making Jesus’ name known in this country.

Our History

In 1995 Dr. Stephen Chen and his family moved from America to Taiwan to establish a ministry to the people and churches of Taiwan. Then in 2001 with the sponsorship of the King Car Educational Foundation, Dr. Chen helped establish the first VOICE Missions team. In the years to come more teams were added, and now VOICE Missions has nine teams serving in eight counties of Taiwan.

Our Mission

Our vision is to share the love and knowledge of Christ in the schools and communities of Taiwan

Our Values

The ‘VOICE’ in VOICE Missions stands for Visualizing Opportunities In Character and English. As a Christian organization we strive to uphold the Character of Christ in our daily lives and work to fulfill His great commission. For more information about our values please visit www.voicemissions.org/about/values.php

What We Do

We’re a group of Christ followers intent on sharing His love and truth with the people of Taiwan. We’re all about teaching English, sharing love with those around us, and encouraging each child to learn more. We see each student as precious as we volunteer in public schools, English villages, or in English camps.

When we are not volunteering in these areas, we might be visiting a local aboriginal village to share Bible stories, going to an orphanage and loving the kids who have no family, or helping to support our local church by offering English Bible studies. No matter what we do, we do it through Christ’s love, knowing we are called to share Him with the beautiful people of the island.

The commitment time for a missions trip is 11 months. You are responsible for paying for your own training, but you sponsor will cover your travel and living expenses. For more information please visit our website.

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