International Messengers

Relationship-based short-term trips to Europe teaching English in a camp environment. In addition to our adult Evangelistic English Language Camps, we also have camps for sports, children, youth, families, and professionals – business people. We also offer career mission training: four months in Montana with 18-month internship in Europe. Our Mountainside Ministry Training offers career missions training: four months in Montana with 18-month internship in Central or Eastern Europe, serving with established missionaries. We also make short-term trips to Europe teaching English in camps for adults, children, youth, families, and professionals, and some with a sports emphasis.

Our History

The concept of International Messengers (IM) actually took place in the mind and heart of Robert Rasmusson in 1980. It was four years later when God opened the doors for this new missions organization to be born as a branch of Oak Hills Fellowship in Bemidji, Minnesota. IM became an independent, nonprofit mission organization in 1989. The offices were moved to Clear Lake, Iowa, in 1992.

Our Mission

International Messengers is an evangelical interdenominational missions organization comprised of an international staff team. We are committed to making disciples of all nations through partnering with local churches to renew, train and mobilize believers for active involvement in reaching the world for Christ.

Our Values

We believe that the spiritual revival of the Church is a primary key to effectively reaching this world with the love of Christ. We are committed to serving the local church, helping her move towards renewal, and then to again envision her central role in spreading the Gospel locally and globally. We see ourselves as partners with the local church to equip and send people into the world with the truth of Jesus Christ.

What We Do

Short-Term Ministry: For teams from North American churches (2 weeks in length) aimed at impacting the church here and growing the European church. Relationship-based evangelism and discipleship Ministry experience gained is extremely practical and applicable to ministry in the North American church. Thorough training and materials geared for both going and coming home. Short-term projects lay a foundation for IM career staff’s work with local churches in Europe and include: Conversational English Camps Family Camps Discipleship Camps Pastors/Elders Conferences Women’s Conferences Evangelistic Basketball Camps Specialty Adult English Camp Experience in developing long-term relationships between North American churches and areas, countries, cities, local national churches of Europe

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