Lighthouse Harbour Ministries

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries’ Mission Statement is: To love and honour God by serving the seafarers of the world in word and deed. Since most of the seafarers that the Ministry serves already have their primary physical needs met on their ships, the Lighthouse is able to concentrate its efforts on sharing the Gospel of Christ with them. At times, however, the Ministry is called upon 4to provide practical/social assistance to seafarers and we consider our response to be a very important aspect of serving the Lord.

Practical assistance can take a variety of different forms including the provision of transportation (i.e. for shopping), information (directions etc.) and even the visitation of injured seafarers in hospital.

Through our two Seafarers’s Centres in North Vancouver and the Fraser Surrey Docks, we are able to reach out to the visiting seafarers with love, compassion and friendship. Our staff and volunteers provide assistance, literature and recreational activities.

We are pleased to have the opportunity that the internet provides to communicate our mission to the community of Vancouver and our faithful supporters. In addition, this website will serve as a ‘beacon of light’ to all seafarers as they travel the globe.

Lighthouse Harbour Ministries was established in 1981 as the result of a vision to serve seafarers better. Since its inception, the Ministry has grown into an organization which includes four full-time chaplains who are supported by a small army of incredible volunteers. The volunteers perform a wide range of duties which include, among other things, manning the two seafarers’ centres (open 365 days a year), visiting ships, baking biscuits and knitting woolen toques for the seafarers.

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