MBF – Medical Benevolence Foundation

MBF helps mission hospitals, clinics and nursing school partners in developing countries with resources and expertise. Our partners set the goals they want to achieve in their transition toward higher standards of care, greater sustainability, and furthering the Gospel of Christ through medical ministry. We come along-side and help them get – and keep – the ball rolling in the right direction. Our work is multi-faceted and requires a wide variety of skills from volunteers and collaborators.

Our History

The Medical Benevolence Foundation was formed in 1963 by a group of physicians to improve the quality of care provided through the Church’s medical missions. They tasked themselves with defining the work needing done to help the mission hospitals and clinics and quickly grew to over 250 doctor volunteers. These doctors visited mission hospitals and clinics to serve and to determine how best to help improve the patient standards of care. Over time, the work evolved. Since inception, MBF has worked alongside the Church and its medical ministry around the world in 34 countries. Today, we are long-term partners with local medical ministry leaders of multiple denominations in the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East

Our Mission

We envision medical ministries of the Church thriving and serving others for decades to come as sustainable providers of international standards of medical care while sharing the love of God. To achieve that vision, our mission is to help these ministries with resources and expertise so they can claim a sustainable future for themselves in three dimensions: clinical, financial, and spiritual.

Our Values

We value respect and integrity in all we do. We believe that every individual is made in the image of God and that everyone should expect the highest standards of medical care. We value local ownership of development and believe that projects must have a plan for sustainability from the beginning. We value the essential calling of the Gospel to proclaim the Good News and believe that every church should have a ministry that physically cares for its neighbor and every medical ministry should embed the Gospel holistically throughout medical care.

What We Do

MBF focuses on helping medical ministries build capacity for the long-term through a few key transformative ideas. These include: 1) helping ministries in developing countries form a Country-wide Network for a stronger future; 2) the Center for Global Nursing Development which helps build nursing capacity in lesser-resourced countries; and 3) Spiritual Ministry Program which helps mission hospitals integrate the Gospel holistically throughout patient care. At the same time, we help our partners meet immediate needs of their most vulnerable patients and most promising students while the longer-term work continues through charity care and scholarships.

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