Asociación Padre Vito Guarato

We are a 35 year old foundation located in Panchimalco, San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America. Our organization is dedicated totally for boarding, health and education for 110 disabled children an adults abandoned by their parents at born or when young. Our facilities count with hospital, school, therapy center and all additional infrastructure for their well being.

Our History

We were founded in 1987 in Planes de Renderos, Panchimalco El Salvador by Franciscan father Vito Guarato. We started in a rented house in town and 6 years latter we moved to a complete facility with all the requirement es necessary for the well being of abandoned disabled children.

Our Mission

provide comprehensive development for people with disabilities in a state of abandonment, potentiating individual skills for their insertion into society, providing them with a dignified life

Our Values

vision : promote the development of the individual capacities of salvadoran people in a state of abandonment and in a condition of disability to be integrated into society in various ways Respect, transparency, solidarity, responsibility, passion to serve

What We Do

We provide full boarding, physical therapy, education, health and mental service, social work. We seek different alternatives for therapy back riding to help the nervous system of some kids. We have weekly birthday celebrations, holidays celebrations. Special holidays as Down Syndrome day. We promote activities to raise funds such as Philarmonic concerts, food fairs, clothing fairs etc

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