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Medialight Online is a pocket school designed to help you become a media missionary. Whether you are a missionary in the field wanting to learn the universal language of today, trying to brush up on your media skills, seeking new ways to raise funds, or wanting to share a message more effectively, this course was made for YOU. We are based in Chiang Rai, Thailand and have our on-site intensive 10-week training program for media missionaries every single October-November. Our home base is at MediaLightAsia.com so you can check us out there. Our MediaLight Online is for those who can’t afford their money or time to fly out to Thailand. We want to help equip missionaries and like-minded people in their media skills but also offer modules on leadership and spiritual growth in the entire course.  

Our History

We are an army of writers, graphic artists, musicians, performers, photographers, movie makers, social media activators and pastors. Some of us own businesses. Others work a 9-to-5 so we can do what we love after we clock out. We’re engaged in campus ministry, church planting, medicine, social work, education, the marketplace and the arts. We believe in the power of media and we are learning to use it effectively. We all want the same thing–salvation for ourselves and for all the people of the world. It’s already happening. Jesus is bringing change to people everywhere. We see him moving in the Middle East, in China, North Africa and across Latin America. No amount of persecution can stop it. The Kingdom is here and Jesus is Lord, just as He said! He is calling us to join him on his mission. Change has to start inside of us first. Too much damage and confusion has been done in the past by those who spoke loudly for God without first being healed themselves. If we can become honest with each other, we can each find true transformation. Then, with healthy hearts, we can rise up as anointed messengers bringing the gospel of grace to the world. That’s what MediaLight is all about. We are a community of change agents, working on truly living out the way of Jesus so we can bring real change to others. Change agents are not always popular, but nothing happens without their sacrifice. Only actions bring change. We’re a people of action and now we’re here to recruit you. Are you one of us? MediaLight was birthed in Asia. Our original group came from the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and the USA. That was 6 years ago. We now have members from 30 nations as diverse as Ethiopia, Mongolia, South Africa, Sweden, Honduras, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia and the USA. This year we have launched medialightonline.com as the global gathering place for people who want to walk with Jesus and speak for him using the powerful tools of modern media. We are finding our voices and we can help you find yours too. Join us by accepting a free membership. We’ll help you find your calling and equip you to shine God’s light into the culture you live in. As a member you’ll gain access to podcasts, articles and online courses designed to equip you as a disciple, a leader and a communicator who knows how to use modern media effectively. We’ll stand beside you all the way. We hope you’ll become a member of the community. It would be great to get to know you.

Our Mission

Our passion is to see media missionaries rise up and deliver the gospel to this generation through the language of media

Our Values

Be Quiet; Jesus taught us to be modest in doing works of charity on His behalf. Consequently, we do our best to do good works quietly. Reach the Young; We focus exclusively on young people. Getting to them early effectively rewrites much of their life story. The Best Way to Help After three decades of working in Asia; we are certain that the most important thing we can do for Asian people is to develop next generation leaders. We want to ignite and mobilize the next generation of Asian believers, helping them to develop a strong spiritual core, competence in leadership and a mastery of modern methods of communication. We Aren’t “the Best”; We don’t claim to be more special than other non-profits or church groups. We love them all and help all as we can, freely sharing the resources God has entrusted to us. We just want to be found faithful when our life’s brief opportunity is over. We’re here to serve. Contact us. We love to network and we don’t care who gets the credit. Creativity is Worship; God is introduced to the world as the Creator. Whenever we take the time to think and act creatively we reflect His character. The storytelling arts and music have a profound power to influence people in their core so that the word of God can take root at the deepest levels. We train young people to use the arts and to allow the Holy Spirit to release creativity in them. Nothing Matters More than the Gospel; While we work tirelessly to reduce poverty and injustice, these are temporary problems, confined to this life. They are the result and reflection of the spiritual darkness covering the earth because of the fall of mankind. Lostness, however, is an eternal disaster. Nothing matters more than doing all we can to ensure that lost people hear the one message that can transform their circumstance forever. “I am not ashamed of the gospel. It is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” Romans 1.16

Medialightonline - What We Do

Medialight will help you build your spiritual core, equip you to be a team leader and equip you with powerful tools for running your personal life. We’ll teach you how to “speak media” and create professional-quality video for outreach and discipleship.

Contact: chuck Quinley
Organization: Medialightonline
Phone: 0918590912
3444 Hampreston Way NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144
Kennesaw GA 3444

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