Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) reaches the world’s most isolated people with the love of Jesus by flying airplanes, developing technology solutions and delivering related training, so that lives, churches and communities can be transformed.

Our History

After World War II, a few veteran pilots in the US and UK dreamed of a way they could use their flying skills to reach isolated people with the Gospel. They founded MAF a few years later, and since then men and women have been using aviation and technology to share Christ’s love in the most remote places on earth.

Our Mission

Mission Aviation Fellowship shares the love of Jesus Christ through aviation and technology so that isolated people may be physically and spiritually transformed. The vision of MAF is that every person on earth will experience the love of Jesus Christ and respond to the Gospel. — Philippians 2:10-11, John 3:16, Revelation 7:9.

Our Values

Impact: MAF values ministry that transforms lives and multiplies the effectiveness of those we serve, seizing opportunities to serve the living God in a fast-changing world. Witness: We value Christ-like behavior in the way we work and relate to one another and to those we serve. We have respect and care for all people and have compassion for those in need. We are sensitive to cultural differences and have a servant attitude.

What We Do

Mission Aviation Fellowship pilot/mechanics and aircraft mechanics use their skills to share the love of Jesus Christ with isolated people. Whether flying indigenous pastors to a church conference, conducting a lifesaving medical evacuation, or transporting food, supplies and materials to support a remote community. MAF pilots bring hope and healing through the holistic MAF ministry. MAF’s technical staff develops digital solutions to meet the needs of indigenous Christians, churches, mission agencies, humanitarian aid organizations, schools, and medical clinics in remote areas. MK (missionary kid) teachers ensure children of MAF staff receive an excellent education even while located in remote parts of the globe.

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